Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Time moves differently when you're travelling. I've been away a month; not enough time for things to have changed much back home. If I'd been here and my life had been going on as normally, they might seem insignificant: these past four weeks. But a month in another country is a long time, long enough to get the hang of the language a bit, long enough to make some friends, long enough to make a place familiar--even a little like home.

And so here I am, back in my natural habitat: my life is the same except that it's not because I'm not. So how do I feel right now? Exhausted. Calm. Happy. Jetlagged. My dad pointed out that he has some of his best ideas when he wakes up in the middle of the night from jetlag and he's right that it has a weird creative energy to it: something between a hangover and a meditative state.

I have many more stories yet to share about my trip and many things that will continue to percolate in my mind long after my jetlag has passed.

I have the satisfying feeling that I got what I came to Argentina for: some Spanish, some tango skills, amazing new friends, stories I will be telling for the rest of my life. And I got a much needed look back into myself and what really matters to me, a necessary reminder about what I really want and of all that is available to me if I can only find the courage.

The question remains can I hold onto the Zen, the perspective, the life lessons I learned while I was down south or if it will all fade by the time my tan does? Only Time (that cranky old headmistresses) will tell.


  1. Welcome home, Spring. I love that post-vacation feeling, when even your living room feels like a hotel. The Zen may not stay, but here's hoping those life lessons do.

  2. and if it doesn't stay (the zen) at least you know where to go to get it back, right?!

    (welcome home)