Tuesday, March 8, 2011

in like a lion

I'm heading off tomorrow for a much needed long weekend in the sunshine. I know I probably don't have any right to complain about the winter, seeing as I just got back from Argentina a month ago but it seriously feels like it has been cold and rainy and dark FOREVER.

The problem with winter is it's just so damn long. It starts out okay, you have your holiday merriment in the beginning and it's always nice to see your sweaters again after a hiatus; you tell yourself this will be the year you get back into skiing and you get excited about snuggling up by imagined fires with imagined burley yet sensitive men who love independent film as much as you do and make perfect hot Bailey's hot chocolate (no? just me?). The whole winter thing could be cool if it lasted six weeks or so but as it is, winter in this town seems to go on from Halloween to some time in June.

It's hard to motivate to do things in winter and this perversely makes me much more ambitious about all of the things FUTURE me is going to do once spring arrives. I start signing up for classes, planning trips and activities, making LISTS. In the summer when I think of a new project I'm more likely to say 'let me think on that while I have another margarita' but winter gives me the grim determination to think big so I suppose that's one upside.

How do you deal with winter?


  1. I find it to be my best opportunity to sit by a fire and read. Other then that, I hate winter and want it over.

  2. It's actually summer which is such hell in Vegas. Getting into a car at midday in July is not for the faint of heart. Most of us become nocturnal for the summer, and only venture out (willingly) after 10pm.