Tuesday, May 24, 2011

fortune favors the brave

                                                         this lion will carpe the hell of the diem 

I have a friend whose a really good salsa dancer. Like really good; easily one of the best in town. We were chatting outside the studio on Friday night about dating and I started weaving a simile about how you didn't want your love life to be like one of those nights out salsa dancing where you waited on the sidelines hoping the men you want to dance with would ask you only to get stuck dancing with the sweaty guy who can't find the beat to save his life. She stopped me short and informed me that she usually does the asking exactly to avoid that problem. In essence, she proved my point about why a girl has to occasionally break with convention and ask a guy out if he's not getting around to it (it also makes me wonder why it's easier for me to break with convention off the dance floor and on but that's another matter).  

The point is, almost all of the people who get what they want in love, dance and otherwise are the people who go after it: the more tenaciously the better. Most of us don't just get things dropped in our laps and those of you who do, kindly STFU. Thanks. 

So write the book. Quit the job you hate and find one you love. Find out what that cute barista is doing this weekend. Ask him to dance. 

What are you waiting for? 

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