Sunday, June 12, 2011

summer reading

                                                       another mojito please, I tire of this water 

The days are long, work is slow, there are stretches of time when you wish to sit outside doing nothing but still want something to occupy your mind; summer means catching up on all of those books I've been meaning to read as well as working on writing a new one. I'm thinking about getting a hanging chair or a hammock for my back deck expressly for these two activities. It seems more natural that I'd want to write and read in the darker months when there's nothing much else to do but I find summer is always my season of books.

I'm starting my summer off with Father of the Rain, then finishing up the canons of Jennifer Egan, Kate Christiansen and my beloved mentor Pat Geary. This means The Invisible Circus, In the Drink and Strange Toys among others. I'm also going to read some Jane Austen, Persuasion at least and maybe Pride and Prejudice.

What's on your list for summer?


  1. My ambition says Middlemarch and The Brothers Karamazov. My reality says, Come on! How about Darznik's The Good Daughter, some CP Snow, Aimee Bender, and Richard Yates short stories. My beach chair screams Rosmamunde Pilcher and Margaret Atwood.

  2. Definitely replace the water with a margie.

    Let me know what you think about P&P - it is my all-time favorite love story. I will also make a recommendation for you, as a fellow lover of all things French. Check out Julia Child's autobiography "My Life In France" as I promise that whatever pre-judgment you have will be blown away and you'll find yourself booking a ticket to France by the end of the first chapter.

  3. @Monique. I love, love, loved My Life in France. Read it immediately after seeing Julie and Julia.