Wednesday, June 8, 2011

when you were young

                                                                    young chicks be crazy

I wrote about my first love for The Gloss today. Specifically I wrote about taking planes, train and automobiles to find him when we lost touch and how that was really the sort of thing I would do without a second thought when I was eighteen but wouldn't do now.

When I hear people talking about how they do something brave/crazy/desperate in the name of their love or their life's passion, I tend to have two feelings simultaneously: one of pity and one of envy. You gotta admit that when someone feels enough conviction about something to go outside the boundaries of normal conventional behavior and even make an ass of themselves, it's oddly admirable even when it's a little pathetic.

Women are always worried they're going to be 'that' girl; that crazy girl who calls too much, is too eager, wants a boyfriend/ marriage/ babies too much. But that girl doesn't worry about being 'that girl' just like that writer who mass emails every agent in town isn't worried about being 'that writer' even as the rest of us stress out endlessly about sending even one follow up email. Those people just RUN with it.

When was the last time you ran with something?

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