Sunday, October 9, 2011

every day I'm...

Friday was an exciting day for me. My book went out into the world on its merry digital way and I did a guest post for Betsy Lerner, which would be cause for celebration all by itself. Hers is one of my very favorite writer/ publishing blogs and the commenters were very supportive and asked me some pretty entertaining questions about publicity. 

I fet a little spent by the end of the day. It took me years to write the book and polishing it and pulling together for ebook and internet publication has been a lot of work. The whole thing makes me want to take a nap. This is something I have seen with many authors I've worked with over the years, their book goes on sale and they feel like they've just finished running a marathon and don't they deserve a break? This is of course compounded by the fact that most writers (even the ones with enviable three books deals and movie tie-ins) still hold down day jobs, have families etc. Even for traditionally published authors who have the support of an entire staff, it's never been more incumbent upon them to push their own work. Gone are the days when authors could send their work out into the world and then return to the cave to continue writing. 

Now there is aways something you could be doing to promote your book, writing op-eds and blog posts and tweeting and Facebooking. Is it overwhelming? Hell yes but at least it gives you something to do with all of that 'oh my God what if no one buys my book?!' energy. Something other than calling your publicist five times a day. 

Do you feel empowered or overwhelmed by the hustle? 


  1. I'm looking forward to getting your book. Congrats on such a huge achievement! Most days I feel empowered by promoting my writing, other days I wish someone else would do it for me. Sometimes I ask for help. And that's when the real magic happens. :)

  2. Congratulations on your first novel. I, too, just completed my first novel. I'm looking forward to reading it. Best of luck! Keep the faith!!