Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Buenos Aires!

I've finally made it to Buenos Aires after one of the more hellish travel fiascos of my life. I did not get stuck in the Atlanta airport for to days thank God but I did get rerouted through Brazil and spent what remained of my first day here at the mall trying to explain my bra size in Spanish and buying some not very flattering dresses because my luggage had not made it here with me. Just as I was beginning this entry my phone rang and lo, it was an angel from the airline who was calling to tell me that my bag was on its way to me now. Hurray! Lucky Delta, they will not have to endure my wrath which I planned on sharing with literally dozens of readers right here on this blog.

Being here has reminded me just how much I love to be abroad; sometimes I think it's the only thing that can get me really out of my own head. The smallest things are exciting and accomplishing anything at all-- a simple conversation with a store clerk, finding my school on the subway on the FIRST TRY, figuring out my cell phone--feels like a thrilling victory. The trick of being in a foreign country is to reframe things that you would normally call 'pains in the ass' as 'adventures'.  I have some advantages being here in that I am used to big cities which helps with things like taking the subway, not getting run over by cars, remaining stone-faced in the presence of pervy men and generally being in crowds without looking terrified. I also happen to look like everyone here; everywhere I look I see nothing but dark hair and olive skin--it's as though I've been returned to my tribe. Of course the moment I open my mouth, it's shot to hell as I so obviously sound like a total Jankee (Yankee).

Off now to grab some lunch and meet with my Spanish teacher Paola. Wish me luck!

                                       the view from my balcony in Palermo

                                       the Galeria where I'm taking classes


  1. You made it! Whew. And the Galeria is beautiful – why don't they make ceilings like that in Vegas?

    Good luck!

  2. I'm so glad you got out and are now in Buenos Aires! I love your reframing. That is definitely the trick. Enjoy your stay!