Friday, January 28, 2011

lost weekend part II

On Sunday when we finally recovered from our mighty Saturday night excursion we headed to San Telmo for the famous open air market. While there we discovered yet MORE people dancing in the streets.

Speaking of which, I consulted Julianna (my new expert on all things Brazilian) about what the hair flipping dance from Saturday might have been. She said it sounded like Lambada. Lambada! The forbidden dance, people! I couldn't have made that whole scene up if I tried.

In San Telmo we shopped a bit and then lounged around in Plaza Darrego drinking wine and watching beginner tango dancers stare at their feet as they followed a lesson being held there under the lights. After the sun had set we headed to dinner.

A word about steak before I tell you about our dinner. I don't really eat it at home. I don't think that I have ever in my life actually ordered a steak in a restaurant before coming to Argentina. It's one of those things that I just got it in my head that I didn't care for and now can't remember quite why. Even though red meat is not a big part of my diet at home, you really have to have a damn good reason for abstaining while you're here. To not eat the steak here is as unthinkable as suggesting that tango was actually born in Uruguay (or you know, vice-versa if you're in Montevideo).

La Brigada came recommended to us via a lovely, savvy friend who used to live here. Now readers, there is good food and then there are the steaks at La Brigada. The steak here is so good it's primal; each time I took a bite I could feel my brain flooding with endorphins. It was so good I'm not even sure I can keep it PG if I go into any more detail. Everywhere in the restaurant you could see people with the same expression, the rapturous look of someone who knows they are eating one of the best meals of their life. We ate until we couldn't eat anymore. And then we ordered this:

Knowing that we were unlikely to top this even in the land of a thousands parillas (that's BBQ in Spanish y'all) we ate our final dinner at Osaka which was some of the finest sushi I've had in a long time and afforded Maya and I the chance to join forces to decipher the menu which was in Spanish and Japanese.

Today I'm on my way to Colonia to meet up with the Uruguayan host family I stayed with nine years ago. Besos from the Buquebus!

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