Monday, January 10, 2011


I've always wanted to visit Atlanta. It's where my favorite Housewives are from! However, spending two days in the airport with nary a hotel room in the city when I am trying desperately to get to Buenos Aires was not quite how I imagined it.

So here I am praying that the flight to Sao Paolo they've booked me on actually takes off and listening to some weird hippy kids play the guitar and have, I swear to God, a singalong. None of them look of age so they don't have any excuse to be doing a thing like that. There are a lot of military guys around which I keep thinking might come in handy if this turn out to be the beginning of the actual apocalypse. One young soldier hollered at me that he was here to save me as he and his friend exited the tram. He looked all of eighteen and he added as an afterthought that he was a little drunk when he realized that I was on the phone. Good thing he told me that.

I keep thinking that being stuck here would be more fun if I had some roller skates.


  1. if you're going to get stuck in an airport, hartsfield is not so bad. plenty of airport food and shopping. i have a fondness for airport bookstores too. i like the way the magazines are arranged. i also like buying a book, a latte, and then sitting down in whatever spot i can find with the least amount of seats taken up around me.

    here's hoping the weather breaks and you make it to sao paolo soon! bon voyage!

  2. Oh no! Amy is right about Hartsfield compared to some other airports I've spent the night in, but my question is why would anyone want to visit Atlanta?

    That was bitchy, but I've been here almost 8 years and this city still has not won me over.

    Here's hoping you get on your way soon!

  3. I'm terrified to fly and will NOT feel happy until I know you've touched down.

  4. Your favorite Housewives are NOT Atlanta. That cannot be when there is now Beverly Hills in the running.