Monday, August 1, 2011

talkin' bout freedom

                                                                          has cake whilst eating it

I'm starting a new job in September. Sort of. I am actually joining a collective of freelancers made up of four awesome book ladies who I know originally through the late, great Kim Ricketts. I'll have an office to go to, super fun co-workers to collaborate with, bitch to and brainstorm with and the semblance of structure and community I'd been missing since I've been working along these past months. BUT since I'm still a freelancer I get to keep my freedom.

And that's what's really been at the heart of it for me. I like work just fine, what I don't like is working on other people's terms and having to be in an office all day. For the most part, I've had fabulous bosses who have served as wonderful mentors. These ladies were essential to getting my career started and I am grateful to have so many places to go for good work advice, which I will never be so arrogant to think I don't need. But in the long run, life is too short to let someone else call the shots. I want to say where, when, who and how much; that's worth its weight in gold and 401ks.

What's most important to you at work?

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