Thursday, September 8, 2011

the summer of 29

I have this certain laugh that only comes out when I find something something so unbearably funny that I lose control. First I start laughing so hard that my laugh becomes silent and then BAM, the snort. It's embarrassing but if you hear the snort-laugh you can rest assured that you've probably just made my day. I might muster up a little chuckle when I'm trying to be polite but never the snort-laugh.

Laughing really hard at something is one of the most healing things I can think of and fortunately I have many friends who have come into my life, and some who have been in my life a long time (you know who you are, queen of cartwheels) that brought me much needed bursts of joy and gave me a great summer after all, which I wrote about today on the Gloss.

What makes you laugh your most embarrassing laugh?

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