Thursday, April 21, 2011

keep calm, carry on

Readers, this was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. It started off bad on Monday and went slowly, excruciatingly downhill from there. Today started off with an alarming phone call, continued on with some sad news around noon and then just became a comedy of errors. My water bottle leaked in my purse and soaked everything including the book I'm reading (at least it wasn't my Kindle), I got lost becaue I was spacing out and then I forgot to bring socks to the gym AND my iPod was dead. So I worked out with no socks and no music; bored with sweaty feet is just not how I like to roll in the gym.

I gotta turn this ship around.

So as much as I kind of want to stay on my couch eating frozen pizza and watching a Golden Girls marathon this weekend (there's always one on somewhere), I'm gonna rally and take advantage of the balmy 61 degrees predicted for this weekend (I'm serious, we haven't broken 60 since 2010) and do something awesome instead.

Happy weekend.

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