Sunday, April 24, 2011

let the sunshine in

One thing I will say about the weather in Seattle (which has been particularly abysmal so far this Spring), when it does get nice for a few hours, we don't let it go to waste. Saturday was gloriously sunny and everyone was out and about and in good spirits. You know you're in Seattle when you see people in their bikinis when it's 65 degrees. I also got the happy news of more than on friend's engagement this weekend; it was like the universe knew I needed a little pick-me-up (since the weather and other peoples' engagements are totally about me).

My roommate and I hit Pike Place market for lunch and shopping and when we got back to our building we ran into the cool girl who'd shown us our apartment and the three of us went to meet up with her friend for some margaritas at our local. Her and her friend had been out salsa dancing for the first time the night before and oh my God, did we know about this? It was so much fun! Listening to them reminded me of when I'd first started in New York and how it saved me from the massive funk I was in: lonely in a new city with no friends. And in truth it's saving me now; it's the one place I know I can go to feel better, where I will see friends and have fun and laugh but not have to talk too much. I think everyone needs a place like this; whether it's the beach or the bookstore or the dance floor, we all need a sanctuary.

Where is yours?

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