Tuesday, April 26, 2011

leaving so soon

I wrote for The Gloss today about leaving Argentina after the month I spent there. It'll be my final post on the subject for a while and I'm sorry not to have an excuse to relive the trip any longer. It was such a great way to begin what is shaping up to be a very trying year. It seems very long ago now that I was there, like a whole different era. This year appears fated to be a time of great happinesses and great sadness in my life, all condensced into one tumultuous period.

I'm reminded more than ever not to take it all for granted by the death of a dear friend, which I got news of this morning. I have much more to say about this woman whom I so adored and admired in a later post but today I will say only that I feel equally happy to have known her and sad to lose her. She did more in her too-short life than most people would would do with 300 years and was an inspiration to all who knew her. She inspired me and always will.

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