Friday, April 29, 2011

may day, may day

Is April over yet?

I normally have mixed feelings about this, the month of my birth but this year my feelings about it aren't mixed; it can just get the hell on as far as I'm concerned. It rained ALL MONTH LONG this April. And it was cold, like wintery cold. It rained and then hailed and then rained some more. When we finally got over 60 degrees, people put their bikinis on in a desperate attempt to soak up some vitamin D. And the bad news this month came as steadily as the rain, leaving us barely a chance to catch our breath.

What's the word for when you think things are so bad that they must be about to get better but then they just get worse instead? I bet the Germans have a word for it. And that's what this April was. There were bright spots: my birthday was fun and some friends got engaged and there was the one sunny day after all. But I'm ready to turn this ship around; I'm ready for this Spring to become something other than that rainy Spring when I lost my friend.

Is that so much to ask?

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